Every effort delivers on a promise

Environmental sustainability is a daily commitment that promises a better tomorrow. We continually seek ways to deliver on our promise to protect the planet we all call home.


We seek to source all of our bottled waters responsibly. Our water sources are carefully selected and closely monitored to ensure consistent quality and sustainable yield, and we align our company with brands that do the same.

In North America, we have strengthened our water stewardship commitment by partnering with the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). The IBWA maintains a strict Bottled Water Code of Practice for its bottler members and rigorously enforces its standards of operation worldwide – standards that we continually meet or exceed.


  • Adherence to IBWA water reduction efficiency standards
  • Careful selection of our water sources which are closely monitored to ensure consistent quality and sustainable yield

We are also members of
Watercoolers Europe (WE).

Our european route based services divison, eden springs, is a member of watercolors europe (we), which provides similar assistance as ibwa in north america

Its membership includes national associations comprising of bottlers and distributors of both bottled and plumbed-in watercoolers and companies supplying the industry with products and services. At present, WE comprises over 300 companies and promotes the exchange of technical, scientific and regulatory information. WE assists in areas such as guidelines for good hygienic practices and proper sanitation procedures for the benefit of consumer protection and ethical practices in the industry.


Highlights of our
North America operations:

We can proudly say that DS Services plants in the U.S. are bottling more water with increasing energy efficiency. Notably:

  • Total energy demand has slightly increased
  • Total Beverage Production (TBP) has increased
  • The Energy Use Ratio (Energy/Beverage) has decreased from 0.16 to 0.12 Mj/L during the evaluated period.* Hence, our DS Services plants are using less energy per finished product (0.04 Mj/L)

*Evaluated period: Year 2017 compared to 2013.

water plant

Highlights from our S&D Coffee
and Tea Operations:

S&D’s Raíz Sustainability® sourcing platform for coffee and tea provides smallholder farmers with immediate access to training and technical assistance to help adopt best practices in agriculture and business management. Across six countries and directly benefiting 4,900+ farmers, Raíz Sustainability® promotes environmental pillars such as ensuring healthy soil and clean water through proper analysis and post-production water management techniques, plus training on practices for forest conservation including using shade to slow evaporation of water from the soil and leaving natural growth to attract birds for organic pest control.

Along with working to support more sustainable practices in coffee and tea growing communities, S&D is committed to understanding challenges and developing solutions to minimize our environmental impact. Recent progress includes:


Decreased overall
water usage


Decreased landfill-bound

7% *

Reduced on-road
fuel consumption

Initiatives to mitigate impact of packaging materials. Burlap bags are the primary packaging method of our green coffee as it is shipped across the world from various coffee origins. The responsible reuse of burlap bags has been a recent focus of our environmental efforts, and we have sought ways to upcycle—or creatively reuse—this material by partnering with local organizations such as CLIMB’s Sackcloth & Ashes and Steve’s Burlap Sacks.

*Evaluated period: Year 2015 compared to 2012

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