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As members of our email alerts list, we wanted to update you on the latest changes that have been implemented as a part of our rebranding process as well as some of the new avenues that we are developing to communicate and provide information to the investment community.   Just last month we rolled out an updated website which incorporated our new branding, color schemes and updates as a result of the divestiture of our legacy business.   We will continue to improve our new website over the coming months by adding additional resources, commentary and data on our various strategies and capabilities as well as discussions on current events.     

One capability that we will be focusing discussions around is  the sustainability programs within our Route Based Services and Coffee, Tea and Extract Solutions segments.  I invite you to visit the sustainability link on our website which will direct you to the various programs that exist within our three largest businesses (  We are proud of our sustainability programs and we will look to continuously expand on highlighting what we have accomplished.  As an example of some of the recent media around sustainability please see a few topics listed below:


1. What is the value proposition for Cott relative to the overabundance of single use plastics incorporated throughout the operations of the World? 

The core revenue and profit driver of our Route Based Services Business (roughly 65% of our revenues and 75% of our EBITDA) is our home and office delivery of reusable bottled water.  Our U.S. and Canada-branded 3 gallon (11.3 liter) and 5 gallon (18.9 liter) water bottles as well as our European (Eden Springs) water bottles (11.3 liter and 18.9 liter) are reused around 50 times. At the end of their usable life, the bottles are recycled and used to make new products. This closed-loop recycling system allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and prevent bottles from going to landfills.

Quick Fact – One Eden Springs bottle delivers 950 liters of water in its lifetime or said another way, One Eden Springs bottle is equivalent to 1,900 single use 500mL water bottles.


2. Although not a significant part of Cott’s operations, what has been done in order to reduce the amount of plastic in the single use products that are offered to consumers?

Within our U.S. home and office delivery operations, we do offer cases (24 pack of 0.5-liter bottles) of water to our customers for those occasions they would like to have a single serve offering.  Although this is not a key part of our operations with less than 10% of our customers purchasing this product at some point during the year,  we have worked to reduce the environmental impact of this product by light-weighting our bottles. Over the last 10 years, we have reduced the amount of plastic in our U.S. and Canada branded 0.5-liter bottles by more than 50% and the caps by 25%. All packaging is 100% recyclable, including the bottles, caps and outer wrap.  Plus, our U.S. branded 1- and 2.5-gallon bottles are shipped in reusable, recyclable corrugated boxes.

Quick Fact – We offer bio-degradable paper cups to our customers to reduce the use of ordinary plastic cups.

Quick Fact – Our operations throughout Europe are now 100% powered by green energy sources.


Thanks for your continued support.  Please stay tuned and keep an eye on our website for more updates to come.


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