Cott to Acquire Sidel Water Bottling Equipment

New bottling equipment cost effective, environmentally friendly

TORONTO, CANADA--(Jan. 31, 2008) - Cott Corporation (NYSE:COT)(TSX:BCB) and GE Commercial Finance (NYSE:GE) today announced that they have signed and executed a lease financing agreement for blow molding and water bottling equipment manufactured by Sidel Group.

Under the terms of the agreement, GE Commercial Finance will provide US $31.4 million in financing for water bottling equipment and lease the equipment to Cott over an eight-year term. In addition, Cott expects to expend approximately US $8.6 million on civil works, engineering and other implementation costs. These remaining costs will be covered by Cott from operating cash flows as part of its capital investment budget.


This equipment provides Cott with state of the art water bottling capability, while offering its customers a superior product in a lighter weight, more environmentally friendly package. The equipment strengthens Cott's already significant manufacturing capabilities at four of its locations, particularly in the specialized manufacturing arena used in the high speed production of light weight plastic beverage bottles. This increased capacity is sufficient to address the current product needs, allowing Cott to transition current production from selected contract package and other cost-disadvantaged arrangements.

"It benefits our business and the environment by enabling us to produce water in lightweight bottles at lower cost," said Rick Dobry, President North America for Cott. "This equipment enhances Cott's ability to compete in the large and fast growing bottled water category. It also allows our customers to lower their carbon footprint by shifting to lower weight bottles while continuing to satisfy growing consumer demand. We look forward to partnering with the industry leaders, GE and Sidel, to build our business in a profitable and sustainable manner."

"Working closely with Cott helped us tailor financing to meet their specific growth capital needs, while helping them become more environmentally friendly," said Luca Pasqualini, Senior Vice President of Originations at GE Commercial Finance. Ecomagination is GE's vision and commitment to put into practice our belief that financial and environmental performance can work together to drive company growth, while taking on some of the world's biggest challenges."

"Sidel is pleased to partner with Cott in its effort to provide customers with a cost-effective water bottle that minimizes environmental impacts in a variety of ways including energy consumption and material use," says David Schroeder, Zone Vice President, North America, Sidel Inc. North America. "Sidel's combined expertise in lightweight bottle design and packaging solutions supports Cott's goal of providing innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for its customers."


Cott anticipates that the equipment will enable it to develop additional product offerings that are "green" in terms of the way they are produced. It should also be more environmentally friendly in regards to packaging by using a lighter weight bottle, which uses less plastic.

"Cott will be introducing proprietary new bottle designs that are consumer preferred and among the most environmentally responsible packages in the beverage industry," Dobry stated.

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