Kenneth C. "Casey" Keller Jr.

Kenneth C. Keller, Jr., 56, of Kenilworth, Illinois, was recently Global President of William Wrigley Jr. Company, a subsidiary of privately held Mars, Inc., and a producer and distributor of confectionary products in the United States and internationally, and has held various other positions with the company since 2011. He is currently transitioning into a new role of Chief Portfolio Officer of the newly integrated Mars Wrigley Confectionary business. Prior to Mr. Keller’s time with Wrigley, he was with Alberto Culver, a manufacturer of hair and skin beauty care products, from 2008 to 2011, where he was President of the U.S. region, responsible for leading the U.S. business to deliver sales and profit growth. Mr. Keller currently serves as a director of Winona Capital Management LLC, a private equity firm specializing in buyouts, acquisitions, growth capital and lower middle-market investments. He has served on Cott’s board since October 2017.