Graham Savage

Graham Savage, 68, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a corporate director. Between 2002 and 2007, Mr. Savage served as the Chairman of Callisto Capital L.P., a Toronto-based private equity firm. Prior to this, since 1998, Mr. Savage was Managing Director at Savage Walker Capital Inc., Callisto Capital L.P.’s predecessor. Between 1975 and 1996, Mr. Savage was with Rogers Communications Inc. in various positions culminating in being appointed the Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer, a position he held for seven years. In addition, Mr. Savage serves on the boards of Postmedia Network Canada Corp. and Sears Canada Inc. and is Chairman of the latter. He has also served on the boards of Canadian Tire Corporation, Rogers Communications Inc., Alias Corp., Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. and Royal Group Technologies Limited, among others. Mr. Savage has served on Cott’s board since February 2008.